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Rattlesnake Arches the Long Way

31 May

Today we decided to take the long Rattlesnake Arches hike. Roughly 15 miles.

We got started at 7am, but next time I think we’ll try to get to the trailhead at 6am as it got kind of hot for the last hour of the hike.

I thought these guys were pretty.


Always beautiful scenery.


We actually didn’t get lost on this hike, so that’s a plus. At one point we stopped to talk to a couple of people and they suggested we climb up the last arch and hike the return trip over the top of the arches. Alrighty then, we’ll give that a try.



So we reached the last arch (the top pic is from the lower trail, the bottom pic is from above/behind the arch).


Alec scrambling up the arch.


I was a little out of my comfort zone climbing up the arch. It’s not so much about fearing heights, but more about my healthy respect for gravity. I made it though and I was really glad I did because the views from the upper trail were uh~mazing.


This was a nice place to stop for lunch.


It was a lovely way to spend a Friday morning/afternoon.

Coconut Oil is My Windex

23 May

So, surely you remember the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. If you haven’t seen it, go out and get it and watch it right now. I’ll wait. 💬💬💬💬💬💬💬

Ok, got it, watched it…..good.

You know how Gus had this thing for Windex? Well I have this thing for Coconut Oil.


(I picked up this info graphic from Femme Fabulous )

Anyway, I slather this stuff on myself about 3 times a day. Seriously, I use it on my hair, I use it all over my body (I haven’t purchased lotion in months), I feel like a scaly old alligator without it.

Out of sunscreen? Eh, I’ll just make some out of this coconut oil and zinc oxide.
Lotion? Don’t need it, got my coconut oil.
Lip balm? I’m good…….coconut oil mixed with a little vitamin oil.
Moroccan oil for my hair? I’ll just see what this coconut oil can do.
Vegan “butter” on toast? No thank you, I’ll just use my coconut oil instead.

You get the idea.

Last night, my son and I were watching his sister play softball. The mosquitos were thick (and big) and my boy was getting devoured. I, on the other hand, was not bitten once.

He was all, “What the hell, why are they only coming after me!?”
I said, “I don’t know, must be the coconut oil (mixed with tea tree oil) I used earlier, they aren’t bothering me at all.”
To that he replied, “You need to seek treatment for your coconut oil addiction.”

Fast forward to the end of the game…. He’s itchy as hell saying, “I’m going to need some of that coconut oil bug repellant of yours for the next game.”

The other day, while on a hike, I got a scratch on my arm from a branch. So I cleaned the area and rubbed in come coconut oil on it. My son looked at me and said, “Neosporin, ever heard of it?” I said, “I’m good, got my coconut oil.” He shot back with, “Whatever, Gus Portokalos.”

What can I say……Coconut oil is my Windex. 🙂

This Was An Awesome Workout

22 May

I did this workout yesterday. The first time I did it (a month or so ago),I had to do the 20 & 30 rep sections in increments of 10, and even then I was beat.

Yesterday, I threw in box jumps for the hell of it.

I was happy to see improvement. I was able to do the 10 & 20 rep sections all the way through. For the 30 rep, I still had to break it down (deadlifts: 15-10-5, push-ups: 15-15, kb swings 22-8).

Super tired at the time, but got over it quickly. So my goal for the next time I do this is to get through the 30 reps in one shot.


Thank you Femme Fabulous for sharing this awesome workout.

Rattlesnake Canyon

18 May

So I decided to check out these Arches everyone’s always raving about. This canyon did not disappoint! What an awesome display! 



Lunch LoopTrails

15 May

Perfect morning at the Lunch Loop Trails


Mica Mine Hike

15 May

Today I took the time to check out the Mica Mine hike (located at the Bangs Canyon Trailhead). It was a 2.6 mile round trip hike.


It was a beautifully scenic trail. Short, but that’s ok because it was a hot one today!

Happy Mother’s Day!

12 May

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone celebrating their Mom today…….or celebrating as a Mom today!


Devil’s Kitchen

11 May






Who Can Resist

10 May

Who Can Resist

A cute, fat squirrel in a tree.


Morning Run

10 May

Morning Run

Missing my canyon runs, but this view will do.


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