Waka Waka Power-Sharing the Sun

14 Jun

Most of us are lucky/blessed/fortunate-whatever you want to call it- to live a life of relative comfort and convenience. Am I talking about huge homes, fancy cars-RV’s-boats, vacays and the like?

Well, no- right now I’m just talking about a convenience that most of take for granted…… Electricity. Lumination at the flip of a switch.

I like to take long runs/hikes in my beautiful home state of Colorado. The main rule of thumb when packing for a day on the trails is- pack more water and food than you think you might need. I’ll add one more thing- make sure your phone is fully charged. You don’t want to set out for a trail run (well any run for that matter) without a way to call for help if you are lost or injured.

I have been in a couple of situations where a short 5 mile run turned into 10+ plus miles of wandering aimlessly/running in circles and with my iPhone on deaths door. All the while lamenting the fact that I don’t have some kind of solar power pack to charge a dwindling phone. The INCONVENIENCE!

So, I started googling solar power packs. There are a lot of great products out there, but one really stood out. Waka Waka Power


The product they have created meets my needs and then some. I wanted portable backup power, small, lightweight, and durable. In addition to all that, this product also includes light. Yeah, that thing we all kind of take for granted.

Even with all of that, Waka Waka is something more. This company is taking on the hefty task of bringing safe lighting to off-grid families all over the globe. Take a look Impressed now?

Yeah, so was I. That was the deciding factor when I was narrowing down solar choices. Not only did this company come up with a product that was useful for a goofball runner like me, who doesn’t want to be without a means to power an iPhone anytime, anywhere….this company is trying to bring power to families who can’t just flip a switch on the wall to obtain light once the sun goes down.

I’m excited to use this product and I’m pleased with my choice. Waka Waka Power is a great gear addition not only for runners, hikers, and campers, but also for anyone interested in emergency preparedness (I will be giving these as gifts to the college-bound kids in my life).


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